Respecting the choices of other people

Many years ago, people were asking that the government stay out of the bedrooms of the nation. They did not like that certain laws treated them differently. It is my perception that their position was that reasonable people would not try to impose their will onto other people. That reasonable people would be able toContinue reading “Respecting the choices of other people”

Struggles with myself – my primary focus

In this series of posts, I intend to discuss some of the problems that affect our lives. I think bluntly and honestly acknowledging our current situation is essential to improving or safeguarding our families and communities. There are several sources of problems that I plan to cover in this series of posts. While I hadContinue reading “Struggles with myself – my primary focus”

Introduction to Joshua's Path

As with many others, I owe significant gratitude to Dalrock, for his efforts in maintaining his blog for close to a decade ( His decision in January 2020 to close his site has pushed me to finally start my own. What is the purpose of this site? Below I’ll briefly discuss the following topics, thatContinue reading “Introduction to Joshua's Path”